Probably the only similarity between Carpet Fitting and Framing…. never quite knowing what hidden treasure you might find when you remove the old to replace with the new…..will the underlay/packing be an old newspaper? And if so, how old?

Well, at Hangar this week, it was a bit of a record – when dismantling an old framed picture we found a few pages from The Leader from November 1934!


One of the big issues 83 years ago was the possibility of raising the school leaving age from 14, so as to “train them for something other than coal. The trouble seems to be that we have made up our minds that at 14 a child’s place is in the labour market.”

 And the Shop Critic turns her (or his) attention to Fur Coats and Hankies – Cut Thread Embroidery is a “novelty” this year.  “Two-lettered, hand-embroidered, monogram handkerchiefs are priced at 11s per dozen, 12” size, and for men, 23s the dozen, 19” size”.

Old_Newspaper_1934_Paper_The_Leader_Shop_Critic_Hangar_Framing_North_Berwick                     Old_Newspaper_1934_Paper_The_Leader_Advert_Hangar_Framing_North_Berwick

Such is the power of The Leader that by reading it, your whole family can become “happier and better off”.  That’s quite a claim for 2d!

An interesting find and a fascinating look back in time….what would the framers of 1934 think if they got the chance to see a couple of pages from today’s newspaper??

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