Yesterday was a great day! I learnt lots of new skills editing my first video tutorial for You Tube. I did it in iMovie for the Mac. It took a little research and a bit more time than I thought but all in all a success. It’s not ready to post yet but not far off.

I also went to Edinburgh yesterday and checked on my display of art and design pieces at The Scottish Design Exchange at Ocean Terminal Shopping Centre featuring Hangar Art and Framing North Berwick Art Studio. I need to get some more stock to them next week as my designs are selling like hot cakes especially my old map silhouettes!

The Scottish Design Exchange allows artists to rent a space to display and sell art, design, fashion etc. The space is staffed and in a really busy shopping centre. If you are ever in Edinburgh pop in and see this great place for artists and designers to sell their work. If you don’t live nearby do some research to see if there is anything like this near to you. If I come across any other places like this I’ll post them onto this blog for you to check out. If anyone else knows of anywhere, please share by posting a comment.

On my drive up to Edinburgh, which is about 20 miles from my studio, I looked for other, shops and galleries to potentially sell/exhibit my work. I saw a couple of places so I stopped and took quick photos of the outsides to do some research. One place I took a photo of was a wine bar which also was a gallery- I don’t think I would have come across this researching on the Internet. Always have a notepad/camera/phone ready to take photos and notes to help remind you of places to approach to take your art. Do your research and make sure the places are right for you and your art before approaching the owner. I’m going to give you some tips on the best way to do this on a future blog entry.

Today I am going to be making my own canvas boards to paint on. I’m off to my studio Hangar Art and Framing to get some materials looked out. Really easy to do using canvas pieces or even old material, bits of scrap cardboard/wood and some glue or Matt medium. I’m going to post a video on how to do this too.
It’s my daughters 18th birthday today so I’m also going to take time to celebrate with her. Have a creative day everyone.

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