What a week!!! On my knees now, but it was so worth it. The “Art at St Mary’s Exhibition” in Haddington was a great success and a whole LOAD of work for a small number of dedicated people, who have probably also crashed in to the tired and happy position.

Tired but happy

When there’s a big arty event in the East Lothian area, it usually makes for a very busy time for us all here at Hangar Framing. We have our usual work and with it, an influx of work from some of our regular artists who’re involved in the exhibition as well as some new artists who come to us for the first time – this might be their first time exhibiting, their first time in East Lothian, their first solo exhibition or as in the case of St Mary’s, their first time showing their work alongside many other talented artists. Whatever the reason, it’s always great to meet the new artists, and to enjoy their works and hopefully to begin to build a long term relationship with them.

We’ve been framing and hanging exhibitions for a long time now, so it’s good to be able to pass on what we’ve learned to the new comers and to help them move along with their artistic careers.

Artists don’t like deadlines, (who does?), but as with all groups there’ll be works in for framing weeks before the event and some coming in, paint still wet, at the last minute, so it’s all go in the framing workshop with the team at full tilt, keeping up the quality we’re renowned for and getting it all out the door in time to be hung in St Mary’s on Wednesday.

These are some of the works we were delighted to frame at Hangar:


After a long day getting the work hung we had a very busy preview night. It was wonderful to have so many visitors come to enjoy the event over the 3 days and for so many artists to get the recognition they deserve for their hard work


What a stunning venue for an art exhibition! They built them to last back in 1380! What are we building now that will still be standing in 600 years’ time? Roll on the next East Lothian Exhibition – so much local talent to be showcased.

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